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Professional Development Solutions For Your School

Whether you are looking for ongoing coaching or a single PD, TEACH trainers bring content to life through engaging exercises, instructional technology, and conversations.

Sample Professional Development Offerings

Customize a PD offering from our menu of existing trainings to meet your school’s needs. Or, connect with our office team to develop a new PD/coaching session designed in collaboration with your leadership and teachers.

  • ACT or SAT Integration into Content Instruction
  • PSSA or Keystone Integration in Content Instruction
  • Technology Integration in the Classroom
  • Middle School Math Fundamentals & Curriculum Mapping
  • Effective Instructional Feedback
  • Classroom Management 101
  • Project- or Problem-Based Learning
  • Mimicking TEACH’s Model for Success in After School Learning
  • Individual Secondary Science Training Sessions

from theory…

Our trainers have 10+ years of classroom experience and a deep knowledge of PA content standards, curriculum design, and college & career readiness.


…to practice

TEACH trainers work directly in local schools and nonprofits. We see the daily challenges educators face, and collaborate closely with partners to create compelling trainings and classroom-ready resources for educators.


Our Partner Process


We ask the right questions, listen to your needs, develop collective goals, and take action to get a customized professional development program up-and-running on your schedule!


Everything we do is personalized to meet the precise needs of your school or organization. Our nimble team of trainers and program managers readily adapt to feedback and logistical changes to provide a seamless, high-quality learning experience.

Project Evaluation
& Superior Results

TEACH trainers provide tools that enable your staff to hit the ground running and immediately begin implementing what they’ve learned. Our team is committed to empowering your teachers with trainings that have a long-lasting impact.

Superior Results


2015-2016 Percentage of Junior Class achieving score of 15+ on ACT (before TEACH)


2016-2017 Percentage of Junior Class achieving score of 15+ on ACT (after TEACH year 1)


2017-2018 Percentage of Junior Class achieving score of 15+ on ACT (after TEACH year 2)


2018-2019 Percentage of Junior Class achieving score of 15+ on ACT (after TEACH year 3).

“I recently received our ACT results from last year and I had to send you a huge THANK YOU! The goal this year was for 11% of our juniors to score a 21+ Composite. We surpassed our goal with 15% of students earning a 21+….this is up 7% from the previous year. This is definitely accredited to your training! I have been advocating for ACT training for years and you helped proved why it is so important! You equipped our teachers with the tools to help our students experience success. Super thankful and looking forward to working with you again this year!”

– College Advisor in Mastery Charter Network (2018)

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